Wayne Singleton Career Profile

Wayne Singleton has worked in the real estate industry on Hamilton Island since 2002. His depth of understanding of the Hamilton Island real estate market positions him uniquely to secure the highest possible sale price for Clients' properties.

This specialisation in the local property market provides Wayne with a competitive edge and is reflected in his having transacted over 350 property sales on Hamilton Island. Wayne's impressive achievement of $300 million in property sales on Hamilton Island alone is a reflection of his extraordinary selling abilities. This, coupled with having personally bought and sold 5 properties on the Island, positions Wayne as a true believer in the Island as an investment destination and its world class status.

Wayne is passionately committed to communicating and positioning the excellence of every property that he markets for sale. He is highly skilled in identifying and demonstrating a property's unique attributes and the qualities that set it apart in the market place. This capability is translated through to an ongoing sense of enthusiasm and excitement from prospective purchasers that engage with Wayne.

A loyal and diverse client base is a crucial factor in the success of a superior Sales Consultant, and this is where Wayne truly excels. His ability to build and maintain rapport with past and new clients ensure that the desirability of investing on Hamilton Island always remains front of mind for his extensive network. He has a detailed understanding of the needs of both buyers and sellers and as such is able to transition between both and build rapport with an ease that distinguishes him from other Sales Consultants.

This personal touch with both new and existing property Owners is complimented by his strong product knowledge and sophisticated understanding of market trends, both locally and in the region at large. Wayne is consistently well informed of market movements, and keeps abreast of the most current residential property research.

Wayne is honest and transparent in all of his dealings with Clients and it his relaxed yet professional approach that draws buyers and sellers alike. Wayne is diligent in his follow-up with all Clients and in openly and consistently communicating with them.

His record speaks volumes - Wayne is a standout in the Hamilton Island real estate market.


Corporation Details: Waypen Pty Ltd; Licence No.3460233

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