Hayley MacDonald Career Profile

Coming from a background in childcare, Hayley MacDonald always knew she was destined to work in a chaotic and high performance environment. She quickly realised that she would need to find a role that challenged her while appealing to her strengths. After a short stint in marketing for a local company, she was quickly head hunted by a prominent real estate agency who recognised her excellent communication skills and her ability to work hard under pressure.

Since then she has experienced all aspects of the real estate industry with experience in sales, office management, administration, marketing and auction co-ordination. Finally settling in a role in office management, sales administration and marketing, Hayley now knows she was destined for this role. Her willingness to help and understand her clients, their journey and their motivations has always been the fundamental core of her work ethic.

In 2013, she joined the Maria Genc team to head their marketing and administration division. Together they have formed a strong alliance and an efficient team that has a strong focus on customer service and offers a refreshing approach to real estate services.

‘Being a part of this team challenges me every day. I love knowing that my work offers our clients a point of difference in this market. Maria is out there pro actively looking for buyers 24/7 while I provide the back bone to her services. My role is to coordinate all the marketing and ensure every part of our campaign is orchestrated so that we deliver a fantastic result to our clients. I love what I do because I know we provide a service that is first class and delivers a great result’.