Lily Ben Career Profile

Having worked as a Real Estate agent in her previous roles for over 30 years, Lily Ben brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role as a Buyers’ Agent for Queensland Sotheby’s International Realty.  Lily combines her experience gained in the Melbourne and Gold Coast markets and uses her specialist knowledge to assist and support her clients to secure the property of their dreams.  Whether you are time poor, don’t understand the local market and/or live interstate or overseas, Lily can expertly help you narrow down your search and secure the perfect property by doing all the ground work on your behalf. Having a professional guiding you throughout the entire buying process will ensure you buy right.



  • A buyers’ agent can shortlist properties faster.
  • Will negotiate the lowest possible price.
  • Don’t let emotions cloud your judgment. Let a professional deal with the agents.
  • Location is everything. Discover the facts about the hot spots before you buy.

What Lily Ben can do for you:

  • Saving time - Lily has extensive local knowledge and years of experience to help you find a property faster
  • Expert local knowledge - Lily can educate you on the best areas and prices
  • Receive accurate appraisals – Lily will help you establish the true market value of the property you might have your eye on
  • Gain access to off-market properties - Lily has connections with a multitude of agents and expertise in discreetly finding and securing any off-market property
  • Gain access to the latest market data and predictions - using industry tools and resources
  • Avoid stressful auctions – Lily knows all the strategies to ensure successful bidding at auction