Suzy Kirk Career Profile

Suzy’s extensive knowledge of real estate prowess is second to none. For 17 years, based in the fast-paced hustle and bustle of New York as one of the leading performers for her agency, she gained a deeper understanding and perspective of real estate early on. Her past experiences in extraordinarily varied roles across many industries makes Suzy an agile and savvy agent, whilst remaining down to earth and personable.

As a mother of two, Suzy understands the importance of family and putting others first with the utmost care and attention. Spending ten years with leading aviation company Qantas, exercising her creative talent as a songwriter, and owning her own Gold Coast cafe, it is clear Suzy goes above and beyond in all she does, to accomplish any goal she sets her sights on.

Suzy's ever-firing passion for real estate has led her back home - from New York to here on the Gold Coast - with her two girls and has hit the ground running with Queensland Sotheby’s International Realty. Suzy has a care-factor that her clients appreciate and the extensive knowledge and experience this area needs to achieve first class results.


 معرفة سوزي الواسعة بالعقارات وبراعتها لا يعلى عليها. لمدة 15 عامًا ، اكتسبت فهمًا أعمق للعقار ومنظورًا لها ، وذلك في ظل صخب وضجيج نيويورك سريع الخطى كواحدة من الوكلاء الرائدين لوكالتها. تجاربها السابقة هي أدوار متنوعة بشكل غير عادي في العديد من الصناعات تجعل سوزي وكيلًا رشيقًا والادراك بينما تكون متواضعة وأنيقة. كأم لطفلين ، تدرك سوزي أهمية الأسرة ووضع الآخرين في المقام الأول وقبل كل شيء بعناية فائقة. قضت عشر سنوات مع شركة الطيران الرائدة كوانتاس ، كونها كاتبة أغاني ذات موهبة إبداعية ، لامتلاك مقهى خاص بها محليًا في جولد كوست ، من الواضح أن سوزي تذهب إلى أبعد الحدود في كل ما تفعله لتحقيق أي هدف تضع نصب عينيها. أدى شغفها بالعقارات إلى العودة إلى منزلها من نيويورك إلى هنا في جولد كوست مع فتاتين ، وقد بدأ العمل مع شركة (سوثبي انترناشونال) تتمتع سوزي بعامل الرعاية الذي يقدره عملاؤها والمعرفة والخبرة الواسعة التي يحتاجها عملاؤها لضمان نتائج من الدرجة الأولى.  

Suzy Kirk Property Portfolio

Suzy Kirk Testimonials

Friendly, Personable and Professional
It was a pleasure to work with someone who is knowledgeable, yet equally professional. Suzy always had time to answer our phone calls and all our questions. Thank you Suzy.
Warm Honest Informative Professional
Just bought a house through Suzy. She is a warm friendly professional that could not have made the purchase easier for us. She kept us well informed through the entire process, was responsive, honest and transparent, and just lovely to deal with. Thank you Suzy!
Robert (Buyer)
Highly reliable
Suzy made the whole process easy and simple. Kept us updated with everything. Highly reliable and a great engaging personality.
Benowa Seller
Very Professionally
Suzy is a real estate agent that genuinely feels to have all parties best interest at heart. She always worked quick, efficiently and very professionally. Her phone was always on to answer any of our real estate questions. It was a pleasure working with Suzy and the team at Queensland Sotheby's International Realty. I would strongly recommend her as an agent in the future. Thank you Suzy.
Mitch (Buyer)
Extremely personable!
Made the whole experience stress free, straightforward and was extremely punctual. Suzy was a pleasure to work with and is a genuinely kind natured person. Definitely felt like she had our best interest at heart.
Poppy (Buyer)
Suzy was Amazing
Great to deal with Suzy very professional and friendly. Highly recommend.
Ramez (Vendor)
Professional, understanding of our key wants and needs for the right property, Very informative
Suzy was very understanding to our needs, gave us all the information needed, answered and returned our calls promptly when we were looking for an investment property i will definitely refer suzy to anyone looking fo a property agent that is trustworthy and professional in her line of work A+++++
Anna (Buyer)
Simply Outstanding
My experience with Suzy was simply outstanding. My wife and I were looking to purchase a home for our growing family in a very competitive market. Suzy worked with us on a personal basis and helped us to understand what we really wanted. She is knowledgeable and always available (text, email, phone). She would always show up on short notice and take us to see potential homes. It was her knowledge and vast experience that enabled us to purchase our home. We simply could not have done this without her!"
Hany (Buyer)
Lovely person and great agent
Suzy was very pleasant and accommodating to deal with. An honest person with lots of integrity
Margaret (Vendor)
Would recommend Suzy to anyone selling their home
I decided to sell my marital home after 25 years my husband passed away eight years ago so it was a very difficult decision and very hard on me I had spoken to 3 real estate agencies and just about made up my mind to go with one that was a friend of my late husband, then Suzi buzzed on my gate, I told her that sorry I have made my mind up well Suzy persevered and bought doughnuts around the next day, a way to a girls heart she was not going to take no for an answer I’m so pleased I decided to go with her, she has empathy and integrity and made this difficult transition a bit easier and she worked tirelessly with open homes during day and evenings as I had a very prestigious property on main river Emu Court I told her what I wanted for the home and I got the price I wanted in fact the 3rd highest price at Bundall through the month of March. I would recommend Suzy to anyone selling their home.
Janette (Seller)